HARDFOX 30 PullUps is an upper body training app. If you are seeking to improve your bicep or back (or both) strength it’s the perfect app for you. Pull ups, although hard, are one of the best exercises you can perform to build strength in your upper body. The are also used to measure your overall level of fitness, because they require a correct strength to weight ratio to perform. When you complete this training program, you will be doing 30 of them in a row! If you can perform just one you can start straight away, but if you struggle with doing the first one (and we know it can be tough, trust us) there are a few exercises you can perform to get you pulling up in no time- inverted rows, lat pulldowns, and iso-eccentric pull ups- google them! Good and old push-ups can help as well (check out HARDFOX 100 PushUps). Good luck!



HARDFOX FitSquats is the best training application for your lower body. Thanks to our Fit Squats training program you will be able to perform 101 correct squats in a row. It’s not difficult at all, but you have to remember that a lot depends on self-discipline. If a shapely butt and strong legs is what you’re aiming at, this is the way to go.


HARDFOX 100 PushUps is the best training application enhancing push-ups training. Thanks to it you will be able to perform 100 push-ups in a row. It’s not difficult at all, but you have to remember that a lot depends on self- discipline. If you’re seeking to improve your upper body strength and sculpt your chest muscles, it’s a perfect app for you.


HARDFOX Six Pack is your best personal trainer that will help you strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve their sculpture. This 42 days training was based on “Aerobic Weider Six”, which is the best way to develop the “6 pack”. With our application you have full control over the performed exercises and training calendar. If you find this training to be to hard for your capabilities, we recommend downloading HARDFOX Fitness Pack, which is a simplified version of this training routine. We included animated presentations and voice instructions for each exercise, to get you going straight away. Good luck!

 HardFox SixPack is one of the best applications that helps with the training for Windows Phone!

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HARDFOX FitnessPack is our modified A6W training. This variation is simplified, best suited for beginners and people who don’t want to involve their abs in 100%. If you decide that Fitness Pack is too easy for you, or you would like to put more pressure on your abdominal muscles to ensure better effects, consider downloading HARDFOX Six Pack for the full out version of this training routine. We included animated presentations and voice instructions for each exercise, to get you going straight away. Best of luck!


HARDFOX Tabata Protocol is a Tabata training timer. Tabata is the king of HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training). It’s based on highly intensive, short series intermingled with short breaks. The key to it’s magic lies in the intensity- it’s absolutely crucial to perform the maximum of repetitions you can with each round. The training improves both aerobic (cardiovascular) and anaerobic (muscle) capabilities. More importantly, it uplifts your metabolism, and burns more calories in 4 minutes than you would burn in an hour long traditional training. Nothing comes for free though- its extremely tough. Be warned- if you are a beginner DO NOT TRY THIS ROUTINE. Check out our other apps to find a less intensive training to get you started. If you consider yourself advanced though, you should totally give it a try. You can perform nearly any exercise with this timer. There is only one limitation- pick an exercise utilizing your own body weight. Additional weights will makes the training insanely hard. Also remember, that most of the experts recommend to use Tabata no more than 2-3 times a month.


Application counts an amount of calories during many activity types: bike, nordic walk, sex, watching TV, driving car, aerobics, archery, baseball, bath, board, bowling, canoeing, cardgame, choppingwood, climbing, cooking, dancing foxtrot, dancing rumba, dancing tango, dancing twist, dancing waltz, digging, dressing, football, golf, gym, ironing, knitting, learning, lying, mowing, reading, roll, run, shower, ski, sleeping, snowboard, sprint, standing, sweeping, swimming, tennis, walk, washing floor, washing windows, washing, writing, yoga… and more… :).